Membership FAQs

  1. Can anybody become a member of the KZN Fashion Council?
     – Membership is open to designers that are from the KwaZulu-Natal province.
  1. How much are membership fees?
    – Membership fees vary as per the different categories and are based on an annual subscription fee.
  1. How do I access my membership benefits?
    – Membership benefits can be accessed on the KZN Fashion Council website under the membership tab.
  1. What are the initiative implemented for members?
  • Offer business and skills development programmes: Ready2Retail, the Legacy Programme,
  • Offer district workshops, programmes and designer mentorship
  • Host networking and Information sharing events: Fashion & Design Conferences/Indaba, Designer
  • Host designer networking Sessions and Industry Meetings/Designer Forums
  • Market access, Fashion Events and Industry Links: Retail programme, local, regional and international fashion trade shows
  • Market Intelligence: learning and researching facilities