IF fashion designers want to get the attention on exporters, the easiest thing to do is to create a fashion film, delegates were told at the Africa Fashion Exchange in Durban.

“You have got to start somewhere. Get your foot in and work your way up. You have nothing to lose. Get you film out there and if something goes wrong, then make another one: you will be upskilling yourself,” advised award-winning Adrian Lazarus of Bokeh, the South African International Lifestyle and Fashion Film Festival based in Cape Town. “Pick up your cellphone and make a film,” he said.

He said film-making was all about collaboration. Go to a coffee shop and come up with a storyboard with colleagues, he said. “You have got to have great sound or you are going nowhere,” he said. Their fashion films could go on YouTube or they could submit them to film festivals, many of which cost nothing to get involved in. Stella Johnson, makeup and hair expert, and Nokubonga Ngobeni, a costume expert, who are both involved in the popular TV soap Uzulo, told how they gave the characters their looks to fit in with the storyline.

They studied international trends and colour palettes, to give the show vibrant colours. The queenpin, Mangcobo, a woman’s rights character, was always in heels. Her character was classier than others and she wore chiffon and prints.