The New Face of the Business of Fashion!

TONIGHT, the KZN Fashion Council welcomed the latest addition to their family of world-class fashion brands!

Born and bred in KZN and on-trend the world over, Africa Fashion Exchange is where fashion sense meets business savvy. Where passion for fashion equals business. The name itself – ‘Africa Fashion Exchange’ speaks of something that begins here in our own backyard of KwaZulu-Natal and transcends boundaries to bring our majestic Africa together, under one roof.

KZN Africa Fashion Exchange offers workable solution and an empowering gateway into the business of fashion.

The X factor in Fashion

What sets Africa Fashion Exchange apart is its ability to be more than just a fashion showcase, its ability to combine the passion for fashion and business etiquette is unparalleled.


  • Provides KwaZulu-Natal, South African and African designers with a platform to access national, continental and international markets.
  • Creates an arena that is conducive for business-to-business meetings, networking opportunities and linkages with retailers and buyers to boost business in the fashion and textile industries.
  • Opens up opportunities for mentorships, collaboration and business opportunities for participating designers.
  • Creates jobs by enhancing tourism in the KZN province.
  • Identifies KZN and South Africa’s top new and emerging talent with the goal of integrating it into world-class brands.
  • Cultivates opportunities for other industries directly or indirectly linked to the fashion industry.
  • Forges business relations between macro and small businesses within KZN, South Africa and Africa.
  • Boosts local trade and promotion of proudly SA products.

Connect with Africa Fashion Exchange on Facebook- @kznfc1, Twitter- @KZN_FC, Instagram-@kznfc #AFX