Durban, South Africa: The KwaZulu-Natal Fashion Council this week went on an aggressive drive to woo fashionistas, trailblazers and the trendy youth to the 2018 Africa Fashion Exchange (AFX), taking place from September 27-29, 2018.

The three-day event will be held at 150 Avondale Road, Greyville Gate 5, Durban.

One of KZN’s most sought-after hangout spot, Eyadini Lounge was lit up yesterday as the KZN Fashion Council engaged with patrons for a local shisa nyama experience as part of the build-up leading up to the AFX.

Beautiful striking models were issuing out invitations to patrons.

Chairperson for the KZNFC Board, Dr.Joy Ndlovu said: “We are initiating an aggressive approach to promote the business of fashion in the Province of KwaZulu-Natal. It is through such activations, we intend to emphasise that the AFX plays a critical role to ensure the survival of the fashion industry in the province, the country and the continent.

“It was exciting seeing the young people engaging with our models and show interest in attending the AFX. Fashion shows are usually viewed as high end and out of reach events, so spreading the word about the AFX and taking it to ‘ekasi’ made it very relatable to everyone.”

The activation was all about showing off some of the designs that will be showcased this week at the three-day event.

The AFX will incorporate a variety of activities that will provide its participants with an experience like no other. This includes knowledge sharing sessions with renowned guest speakers, prestigious fashion shows, exhibitions, film screenings and back to back business meetings with buyers and designers.

Also, this weekend, a meet and greet with members of the media and general public was also held at Markham, at the Pavillion Shopping Centre on Saturday, September 22, 2018.

Project Leader for AFX at KZNFC, Xolani Zulu said: “It is important that we come out to the townships and the general public to encourage people to attend the AFX because the AFX is aligned at ensuring the public gains knowledge about the fashion industry and interact with buyers.

“Many designers are from these areas and have been making clothes for years. They have the machines, equipment and designs, but they don’t have the knowledge and resources to make their garments into a business. The AFX aims to address that and guide them into becoming successful business owners.”

The AFX will be open to members of the public at Greyville Convention Centre from 9 am to 6 pm.

The event will create an arena that is conducive for business-to-business meetings, networking opportunities and linkages with retailers and buyers to boost business in the fashion and textile industries.

The three-day show will be underpinned under the theme, “Africa by Design” which will be incorporated throughout the three-day event in the various platforms.