AFX16 Launch

Last Tuesday, The KZN Fashion Council held an enticing AFRICA FASHION EXCHANGE launch shindig at the magnificent venue at 11 browns road in Waterpoint, an event that delivered and exceeded all expectations.

The event’s ambiance was simply electric. A pleasing guest list with lively music (which can only be described as an eclectic mix of modern hits and everyone’s favourite classics). The phenomenal combination of fashion from the KZNFC’s 21 steps to retail designers which included a range for plus size women took center stage as the beautiful African models impressed observers between the majestic pillars.

This event brought together the young and the old, reminding everyone that Fashion knows no boundaries and belongs to all who embrace its presence.

With such a well-cultivated event Africa has no choice but to look forward to an even better Exchange in June. Of which we think it is important for all fashionistas to be there, on the ground, to gather insight and share that with our global fashion leadership.